Who are we ?

We created the Térénez Beekeeping Farm in 1987. Our honey farm borders the maritime Aulne at its mouth, near the Térénez bridge. With these long years of experience, we now harvest the honey from our six hundred hives scattered throughout the Finistère countryside from the peninsula up to the Monts d'Arrée. The moors of Finistère give honey with a unique taste thanks to the particularly rich and varied blooms, specific to our magnificent region. In order to offer a diversity of honey in our production, in 1998 we chose to install 250 beehives on 5 sites in the Périgord Pourpre. To handle these hives, we constantly go back and forth between the two regions of production. In Térénez, our bed & breakfast welcomes you. There, You will find all the necessary comfort to enjoy our beautiful region in a green setting by the sea.